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  • CDP Technologies offering new gaseous fuels aftermarket cylinder head package for GM 6.0L engines

    CDP Technologies, the OEM sales division of Crazy Diamond Performance Inc., will offer a new aftermarket gaseous fuels-prepped cylinder head package for GM 6.0L engines. The new CDP cylinder head will be available for the popular GM engines that have been, or are slated to be, converted to a gaseous alternative fuel engine. One of the components in Crazy Diamond Performance’s upcoming CDP TorqueDrive (TD) engine, CDP’s new cylinder head has been engineered to incorporate higher airflow, strength and durability than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) unit. The CDP gaseous prep cylinder head includes ultra-high strength stainless steel valves, proprietary Continue Reading

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Who we are

CDP Technologies LLC was formed in 2014 as the OEM sales division of Crazy Diamond Performance Inc., a leading design and engineering firm.

CDP Technologies, provides customers with an unmatched OEM experience in multiple applications and industries. CDP Technologies is currently servicing applications and programs on three continents, ranging from industrial, on-road, stationary and peak power distribution. CDP Technologies diverse portfolio provides customers application specific engineering from napkin sketch to OEM validated production.

Our new phone number is 586-884-4688

CDP & Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond Performance (CDP) was formed to provide innovative products to the hot rod community and the OEM and aftermarket alternative fuel industries.

CDP is working to develop next generation core technologies needed to provide a stable and dependable CNG and LPG conversion system, with OEM level integration, on the next generation of gasoline vehicles.

CDP is developing a line heavy duty engines based on the the GM LS-engine family. These TorqueMaster engines are designed to be diesel application replacements, and can be calibrated and certified to run on a multitude of fuels including gasoline, natural gas, propane, ethane, ethanol, E85, etc.


  • Engine Calibration

    The TorqueDrive engines series of engines were created to provide a solution for the Class 4-6 Heavy Duty truck market, currently with a void in the space that would otherwise be occupied with a Diesel engine offering. The GM LS engine architecture is advanced to the degree of incredible airflow/combustion efficiencies. This allows the engine to have a smaller displacement but retain and increase the power at a lower speed that the large displacements engines already in the market.

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  • Emissions

    CDP Technologies’ primary focus has been the reduction of harmful pollutants due to vehicle emissions, such as Nitrogen Oxide and Carbon Dioxide. CDP employs a number of technologies and strategies for the automotive industry to successfully reduce these criteria pollutants. CDP assists manufacturers in gaining compliance with emissions standards domestic and global.

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  • Controls

    CDP core experience is in engine calibration and controls. On board diagnostics are critical to the role of reducing harmful vehicle exhaust emissions. CDP has experience with port and direct injection and advanced combustion methodologies. Controls development plays a vital role in the application of these advanced vehicle applications.

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  • Engineering

    CDP is the leading calibration and fuel system engineering company for both CNG and LPG fuel systems. CDP provides engineering services from concept to emissions compliance standards domestic and global, with calibration through the OEM engine control system.

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CDP Industries

Mass Transit

Public Transportation

When compared to gasoline, CNG is a much safer fuel overall. CNG is lighter than air and tends to rise to the atmosphere versus pooling on the ground if a leak were to occur. CNG has a higher ignition temperature then gasoline, making it harder to ignite. All of the components in a CNG vehicle have a redundancy of at least two times working pressure. Working pressure in the CNG vehicle is 3600 psi.

Off-Road applications

CDP Technologies LLC. (CDP) offers several solutions for off-road applications. Our upcoming TorqueDrive series engine, is the perfect solution for compact, efficient and powerful power generation. CDP incorporates fuel injection in all of our engine technology. Low pressure fuel injection allows for closed loop operation, while maintaining effective catalyst function, lowering exhaust emissions to previously unheard of levels. 


Where Natural Gas helps

The cylinder configuration, size of the engine and the overall layout of the vehicle. The costliest part of the fuel system is the cylinder itself. Cylinders can range anywhere from $800.00 for the smallest cylinder to $5000.00 for a cylinder typically for a pickup truck. CDP Inc. takes into account all of these factors quoting the fuel system for turnkey hot rod or retrofit package. A typical CNG fuel system with installation can range from $8,000-$20,000.00 minus the engine.